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Adding the Conference App to your Android device

These instructions will show you how to add an icon and direct link to the Conference Expo App to the homepage of your android device.

As all Android devices are slightly different there are a number of browsers you could be using. If you are using most devices however and are using the default web browser that was installed on your device at purchase, you should be able to follow the Stock Browser instructions below. If you are using an HTC phones inbuilt browser, or Google Chrome then follow the corresponding instructions below.


Using The Stock Browser

  1. Go to on your device
  2. Tap 'Save to bookmarks' in the menu
  3. In the 'Add to' dropdown select 'Home Screen'
  4. Save the bookmark

Using The HTC Browser

  1. Go to on your device
  2. Tap 'Add to' in the menu
  3. Tap 'Bookmarks'
  4. Save the bookmark
  5. Tap 'Bookmarks' in the menu
  6. Long-press on the newly created bookmark
  7. Tap 'Add shortcut to home' in the popup

Using Google Chrome

  1. Go to on your device
  2. Tap the star icon in the menu
  3. Save the bookmark
  4. Tap 'Bookmarks' in the menu
  5. Navigate to the newly created bookmark and long-press it
  6. Tap 'Add to home screen' in the popup



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